Land of Talk
May 3 · Festival Hall

Land of Talk

With Bells Larsen

Doors @ 7:00 MST/MDT · Show @ 8:00 MST/MDT




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Opening Act

Bells Larsen

About Bells Larsen · Montreal, QC

Bells Larsen is a Montreal-based songwriter who weaves together cathartic lyrics and memorable melodies in his music. Drawing from experiences of loss, love, and identity, his folk-inspired sound and ardent lyricism slows down the pace of the world around him to create space for contemplation and expression. Traversing between emblematic and actualized narratives, he sees storytelling as a way to make sense of and connect with both the ordinary and unpredictable moments in life.

About Land of Talk

Elizabeth Powell’s project Land of Talk has been defined by their intense guitar and vibrato-heavy vocals. With five studio albums under their belts – starting with 2008’s Some Are Lakes and the fifth, Indistinct Conversations in 2020, the band just released their sixth, Performances via Saddle Creek.  On this album, the Montreal outfit steps back and pares down. Written primarily on piano and featuring sparse instrumentation from Laurie Torres (Pomme, Julia Jacklin), much of the album's sparse songs work off aching vulnerability and thoughtfulness; lyrical musings that feel like fragments from an exceptionally perceptive diary.

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